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I am a lifelong resident of Canyon County where my husband of 35 years and I raised our children while owning and operating a construction and painting company. For more than 15 years I wrote columns about painting and politics in the Press-Tribune. “Don’t Get Me Started” was the name of the column and it helped provide an outlet for my political frustrations.

For many years I have been elected as a precinct committeeman for the Republican party. I have also served as District 12 Chairman, as well as the Canyon County Republican Central Committee Chairman, and currently am the Idaho Republican Party Vice-Chair. I have long sought to serve the citizens of Canyon County.

I have worked as a Senate Attache in the Idaho Legislature for several years, and I currently serve as the Director of Communications for the Idaho Lieutenant Governor. I am, by far, the most experienced and conservative candidate for State Representative District 12A!

Our state, and our nation, are at a crossroads. The bureaucratic state has grown in power to the point that our executive can, with the blessing of our AG, violate all five of our fundamental rights enumerated in the First Amendment while sidestepping the checks and balances promised by our Republican form of government. Businesses are shuttered, churches are closed, speech is silenced, the press is corrupted, peaceful protestors are arrested, and babies are torn from their mother’s arms. Our children are taught that the shade of their skin makes them oppressed or oppressors, or that boys can be girls, or that speech is violence.  All this at the behest of bureaucrats acting with self-righteous indignation and claiming that it is for our own good.

It is the fundamental purpose of government to protect and defend the rights of the individual, the rights of We The People, not to trample them while surrendering our sovereignty to secure Federal dollars borrowed against our children’s future. We can and must resist this creeping federal overreach and the best and most direct way for YOU to do this is to send ME to fight for US in the legislature. I have the skill, the knowledge, and the fortitude to make you proud.

Friends, I offer my deepest and most sincere promise, as your representative, I will fight tirelessly to ensure that our rights are protected, and that the injuries suffered during these past years are NEVER repeated. I will fight to ensure we need not live in fear of the wrath of some irritated bureaucrat and that we all enjoy the protections of due process.  I will fight to protect and defend our Republic so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy the blessings of liberty.

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